Livestreams and Private Prayer

Livestreams and private prayer

Ordinary 16

The Holy Rosary

All Masses are prepared for devoutly and with best practice of cleanliness and safety, ensuring that the faithful can come before our Blessed Lord in peace of mind, knowing that all precautions for their safety have been taken.

All Masses and devotions listed below are for the public to attend:

Sunday – 9:30am (Nave seating)
Monday – 12pm (Chancel seating)
Tuesday – 9:30am (Chancel seating)
Wednesday – 6:30pm (Nave seating)
Thursday – 9:30am (Chancel seating)
Saturday – 9:30am (Chancel seating)

Monday – 12:30pm (Chancel)

Private Prayer
The church is open before Mass for at least 15 minutes for the faithful
to make their devotions before the Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament,
reserved in the tabernacle.

Remember to make your Spiritual Communion (the prayer for which you can find HERE) at the times when Mass is being offered!