Mass Times

Mass Times

The Holy Mass is the lifeblood of the parish, both figuratively and literally! In line with current regulations and guidelines our dedicated team at St Nicholas continues to work hard to ensure that we are now able to open the church every day but Friday – which is Fr John’s rest day – for Masses to be celebrated as acts of public worship. Thanks to the tireless efforts of those at St Nicholas worship can continue in a sage way to enable us to laud and magnify our Blessed Lord together in the parish church.

Weekly Mass Times

Sunday9:30am, Solemn Mass (Nave seating)
Monday12pm, Low Mass and Rosary (Chancel seating)
Tuesday9:30am, Low Mass (St John’s Chapel)
Wednesday6:30pm, Low Mass, (Nave seating)
Thursday9:30am, Low Mass, (Chancel seating)
FridayNo Mass
Saturday9:30am, Low Mass (St John’s Chapel)

Feasts and Solemnities

The Ascension of the LordWednesday 12th May – 6:30pm (Vigil Mass)
Thursday 13th May – 9:30am
The Solemnity of Pentecost Sunday 23rd May – 9:30am
Solemnity of the Most Holy TrinitySunday 30th May – 9:30am
Corpus ChristiSunday 6th June – 9:30am

‘The Holy Mass is a prayer itself, even the highest prayer that exists. it is the Sacrifice, dedicated by our Redeemer at the Cross, and repeated every day at the Altar. if you wish to hear Mass as it should be heard, you must follow with your eye, heart and mouth all that happens at the Altar. Further, you must pray with the Priest the holy words said by him in the Name of Christ and which Christ says by him. You have to associate your heart with the holy feelings which are contained in these words and in this manner you ought to follow all that happens at the Altar. when acting in this way you have prayed Holy Mass.’

St Pius X